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Highlighted Cases

Time and time again, aggressive and creative lawyering wins extraordinary results for our clients. 


Below are a few interesting examples:

Prosecuted a business seller's claim against a business purchaser, winning an injunction and a court-ordered accounting of the activities and dealings of the purchaser and his businesses, resulting in a judgment of over $1 million, as well as tens of thousands of dollars in sanctions against the opposing parties, forcing the opposing party into bankruptcy.

Prosecuted a trade secret claim against a former employee and a conspiring competitor, resulting in an injunction against their use of trade secrets, limiting their unlawful competition.

Recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for a multifamily building purchaser, who sued the seller and title company for retaining its escrow funds.  Obtained a full recovery.

Successfully represented employer against a key executive, who left to start a competing business, obtaining an injunction against the new employer's use of confidential or trade secret information.

Represented a recycling company against multimillion dollar claim filed by a “Big 3” OEM, successfully defending against claims that client was liable for purchase of stolen materials, resulting in a de minimis settlement of less than 10% of the claim. 

Defended a celebrity auto dealer principal from a lawsuit brought by a brokerage agent seeking commission for the sale of a $17 million dealership, resulting in a de minimis settlement of less than 10% of the claim.

Defended an electric vehicle manufacturer from a supplier's multi-million-dollar claims, relying on creative counterclaims and aggressive discovery to prevail on a motion for partial summary disposition and to earn an advantageous case evaluation award, resulting in a de minimis settlement of less than 10% of the claim. 

Leveraged restriction in a former employee's non-compete agreement to force the former employee's new employer to assume many of the former employee's non-compete, non-solicit, and confidentiality restrictions, shutting down any wrongful competition.

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